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Adrian Smith at Skegness finals

Jack Jepson at Skegness finals

Michelle Barlow at Skegness finals

HCBF 4 Bowls Singles Champion
Jack Jepson

HCBF Under 25 Champion
Adrian Smith

HCWBF Under 25 Runner Up
Emma Jepson

HCWBF Under 25 Champion
Michelle Barlow

Jack Jepson, HCBF 4 Wood Champion & EBF National Semi Finalist
Emma Jepson, HCWBF Under 25 Runner Up
Michelle Barlow, HCWBF Under 25 Champion
Adrian Smith, HCBF Under 25 Champion & EBF National Under 25 Runner Up

Jean Lomas, Edith Reed, Dina Barlow and others

Werba Cup Winners
Jean Lomas & Dina Barlow, with Edith Reed (centre)

Michelle Barlow with Edith Reed

Geoff Barlow

Roy Taylor & Malcolm Reed

Roy Taylor

Tony Smith Triples Champions
E Grantham, G Howell, J Morgan, R Waters (not in order) & Mrs E McCoach (not present)
Pairs Champions
Adrian Smith & Laurence Smith
Laurence & Adrian Smith, Pairs Champions, with runners-up Norman Piper & Ivor Smith

Ivor Smith & Norman Piper

Cyril Wilson

Beryl Langley

Jean McDonald Ladies 2 Wood Champion
Monica Gill
David Birkert (collecting Sheila Birkert's trophy)

Jean Kiddle & Angie Waters

Parkinson Handicap Champion
Cyril Wilson
Scotney Ladies 4 Wood Champion
Emma Jepson
Finals Day attracts a large group of interested spectators

Annual Presentation Dinner

Annual Presentation Dinner

Annual Presentation Dinner