Club officials

Committee members
President :  Jane Baldwin
Deputy President :  Lawrence Smith
Secretary :  Dina Barlow
Treasurer :  Pat Cook

Phil Cox                Owen Darlington         Peter Darlington
Len Fairhurst
  Michael Hall
 Paul Hills
John McKinnie   David Nelson
 Alec Snitch

Sub Committee (Club Competitions) :
To follow.                        

Team captains
Men's Fours
A Team            Owen Darlington
B Team Alec Snitch
C Team Mike Robinson

Ladies' Triples
Green Team     Jenny Dymond

Over 60s Triples
Green Team     Michael Hall
Red Team Keith Barker
White Team Liz Wade

Chris Anderson       Pat Cook             Peter Darlington
Lawrence Smith

Committee minutes and accounts
These are displayed on the club notice board for all members to read.